February 26th there was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea about 200 miles east of where we live in Ukarumpa.  There were over 544,000 people affected and over 100 confirmed deaths and the true numbers may never be known because the area is so remote. There have been about 200 aftershocks 4.0 or above, many of those over 6.0. Numerous homes were destroyed, rivers have been blocked by landslides, and water supplies have been contaminated.

Major damage to roads

Lots of landslides

We live about 200 miles directly east of the epicenter.  Picture from The Australian

One of the many landslides

Satellite picture of a river before

Satellite picture of the same river after.  Landslides have dammed the river.

Our organization is partnering with several other organizations to provide aid. 
Go to MAF US website:
Click on “Where should your gift go?”
Choose the Disaster Response fund.
Enter the amount you would like to give.
Click on the “additional options”  and write a comment that it is for PNG earthquake relief.  Then it will get directed to MAF PNG for flights and supply deliveries.

Pray for needs to be met and that God will use this opportunity for good in the lives of the people devastated by the earthquake.

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